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Charcoal and Graphite drawings 

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Silver and turquoise jewelry 


Original paintings 

Celebrating Legacy with Heirloom Art

Step into a realm where time-honored traditions and artistic
vision converge – welcome to Teepee Design. Our commitment lies in crafting exquisite heirloom and legacy products that span the spectrum of human creativity: from the intricate artistry of jewelry, the captivating allure of fine art, and the evocative power of portraiture, to the masterful craftsmanship of one-of-a kind woodwork. Each creation is a testament to our dedication in preserving cherished memories and stories that will echo through generations, transcending time and leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of life.

To find out more about commissioned pieces, send us a message on our Contact page and we will get in touch to schedule a consultation.

A note from the artist...

Each time I find myself in my studio, immersed in my creative process, I find my thoughts continuously drifting towards the wellsprings of inspiration. Amidst this vast array of sources that fuel my imagination, there's a magnetic pull that consistently draws me back to the essence of the West. The West stands as a crucible where cultures of resolute and robust origins collide, giving birth to a unique tapestry. The Western way of life, interwoven with the indigenous traditions of the land, unravels a spiritual bond that transcends human and natural realms. As I delve into this relationship between humanity and the environment, a profound spiritual journey unfolds – one that bridges connections between individuals and encapsulates the very essence of our world. Within every creation that takes shape under my hands, my mission is to reflect the vigor and fervor that emanate from the human spirit, intricately linked with the tapestry of creation itself.

Clay Craig